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The Black Ribbon


8 mn

Photografic Film

Photos : Michel Handschumacher

Sound & Music : Bruno Fleutelot

Voice : Pierre Grammont

At last I find myself on the road that encircles this isle.

The accompanying landscape evolves constantly. It stretches out and incites me to write on the black ribbon of this oversized typewriter, a photographic text punctuated by rocks and ice, earth and sky, constantly merging.

Following the narrow yet regular rhythm of the uneven line, I perceive the fragile existence of this unique and circular link, perpetually absorbed by an unattainable infinity. Occasional fleeting glimpses of tarmac melt and mix with the natural elements, sometimes taking a completely new direction and eading to a horizon even further away than the last.

As I traverse these lunar landscapes, they seem to tolerate the black ribbon, that stretches out before me like a long scar, dissolving into the blackness of the lava fields or disappearing under the blinding white snow. Slowly I realise that, surrounded by such powerful natural elements, all presence on the island becomes insignificant.

I suddenly have a strong feeling of eternal beginnings when reaching the end of my journey I find myself returned to my starting point. Oh how I wish I could continue on the road.

Subtitles : Cathy Lodge


Originally, “The Black Ribbon” is a photographic series.

In seeking to work on an upgrade of this photographic series carried out in 2015 and to provide it with a soundtrack, I invited the musician Bruno Fleutelot to join me. Then Pierre Grammont lent his voice to this long ‘black ribbon’.

We started by examining the existing links between fixed image and sound, which culminated in this visual story, composed of fixed plans gradually disappearing in progressive crossfades. The images are mixed in long overlays, whilst the pace gets slower and slower. The continuous narrative displays parallel worlds that intersect reality and imagination.

The final zoom leads towards infinity, a kind of white and contemplative silence…


Michel Handschumacher

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